Spor Toto in Turkey


SPORTOTO is the only legal authority to organize fixed odds betting and parimutuel sports betting in Turkey.The administration is a legal entity running as a branch of Ministry of Youth and Sports. After 49 years of service with various games that received public interest and popularity. SPOR TOTO released a new game in 2004: iddaa. Following this introduction. significant increases in the revenues have been recorded. Annual turnover for 2012 was recorded as 3 billion USD and the 2013 turnover had been a liitle over 3.5 billion USD.

Following a tender 2008, operations are passed on to İnteltek  for a period of 10 years. There are over 5000 land-based dealers located at different geographical locaitons within the country and 6 e-dealers serve the online community. The routine maintenance and other repair services at dealer locations are carried out by İnteltek. Although many operations are perfomed by external contract, SPOR TOTO Administration continues to govern, audit and serve as warrantor of betting games in Turkey.

Several new games are introduced to the market since 2009.Basketball ( NBA , NCAA ) , moto GP , formula , tennis ( Wimbledon, Australian Open), snooker ( Masters Cup, World and British Champs ) and volleyball games are included to IDDAA. The online betting was introduced in 2011. Outcome of expanding the variety of games had been increased participation, paid prices and revenue. These proceeds are transferred to public service including but not limited to sports federations, sports clubs, public entities and NGO's that serve youth and/or sports.Being one of the pop sponsors of Turkish sport, SPOR TOTO holds naming rights and serves as the main sponsor of three football ( Soccer ) Legues : Super League, League 2 and League 3. 












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